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FEEL SCISSORS Care & Maintenance Guide.


Using a soft clean cloth, thoroughly wipe your scissors after every haircut. This will reduce the build-up of chemicals and hair which may affect the performance of your scissors throughout the working day.


After cleaning and drying your scissors we recommend that you lubricate. Carefully open your scissor to a 90 degree angle and apply 1 drop of  scissor oil to where the scissor pivots. This assists in the cleaning process by pushing dirt, debris and hair from under the pivot and leaves a small layer of protective scissor oil. This process should be carried out daily to prolong the life of your scissors.


Correct tension of your scissors will ensure you get the best use out of your scissors. If the tension is too loose it will cause your scissors to fold and bend the hair and if it’s too tight it will cause premature wear of the blade edges and user fatigue. To test for correct tension hold the scissors with the points/tips upwards. Holding the scissor in both hands, lift one handle up to a 90 degree angle and then let go of the handle. If the blade closes quickly and completely then the tension is much too loose. Adjust the tension and re-test so that the blades close about two thirds of the way.


When your scissors are not being used please keep the blades closed as this will reduce the chance of accidental damage to the blade edges. How you store your scissors is also very important and for added protection you should always store your scissors in the protective case provided.

Your scissors will have a very long lasting sharp edge if they are serviced correctly. When the time comes to have your scissors sharpened then the process must be   sharpener  that has  experience to sharpen and re-balance  Hair Scissors.  
If our help is necessary, please send our office your scissors.


Use a soft clean cloth and thoroughly wipe your scissors after every haircut.

Clean, dry and lubricate your scissors at the end of each working day.

Check your scissors for correct tension adjustment at least once per day.

Check your blade edges for sharpness once per month.

Handle your scissor with  only use them for cutting clean hair.


Don’t use your scissors if the blades are nicked, this will cause further damage.

Don’t let your scissors come into contact with any sterilization liquid, perm or colour solution as it may damage and cause corrosion to your scissors, voiding your warranty.

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