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feelscissors japan 以下「当社」といいます)は、以下のとおり個人情報保護方針を定め、個人情報保護の仕組みを構築し、全従業員に個人情報保護の重要性の認識と取組みを徹底させることにより、個人情報の保護を推進致します。










  • お客さまの同意がある場合

  • お客さまが希望されるサービスを行なうために当社が業務を委託する業者に対して開示する場合

  • 法令に基づき開示することが必要である場合















feelscissors japan
〒790-0056 愛媛県松山市土居田町98-5
TEL:089-915-1809 FAX:089-915-1810
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FEEL SCISSORS is committed to protecting the privacy and security of its online visitors to the FEEL SCISSORS website. We want you to know about and understand the measures we have taken to keep a safe and secure environment for everyone. This privacy statement tells you how and why we collect information from you, and how we use that information. Please note that your use of this Website is also subject to the Terms of Use.

We encourage our visitors to read through and understand our privacy statement. We may update it from time to time to address new issues or reflect changes on our Website. Please refer to this privacy statement regularly. FEEL SCISSORS reserves the right to revise this privacy statement at any time and such revisions shall become effective immediately upon posting on this Website or sending you an electronic or conventional mail. Any use of this Website by you subsequent to such notice shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by you of the revision.

Information You Provide to Us

FEEL SCISSORS collects information in several ways via different parts of our Website. Providing personal information is voluntary and you can use the majority of our Website without providing any personal information. However, you will not have the opportunity to access certain enhanced content and application areas, purchase products, and enter promotions and sweepstakes without providing such information.

The personally identifiable information we may request from you on this Website may include the following: first name, last name, email address, gender, date of birth, ZIP code, username, and password. When you wish to purchase something, we will also ask you for the following: street address, city, state, phone number, and credit card number.
How We Use the Information You Provide

FEEL SCISSORS uses your personal information to tailor the content to meet your needs and interests and to track general traffic patterns. When you conduct a transaction through this Website, you are providing transaction information to ensō’s third party suppliers (such as transaction processors and financial institutions) who will use the information solely for the purpose of the transaction. Finally, there may also be third party vendors who supply software applications, web hosting and other technologies for this Website that may have access to your personal information but they will never use such information for any other purpose except to provide services in connection with this Website. FEEL SCISSORS will not share any personal information about you with any third party (a party not affiliated with ensō), except as otherwise stated herein and in the following circumstances: (a) in response to subpoenas, court orders or legal process, to the extent permitted and as restricted by law; (b) when disclosure is required to maintain the security and integrity of this Website, or to protect any user’s security or the security of other persons, consistent with applicable laws; (c) when disclosure is directed or consented to by the registered member who has inputted the personal information; (d) in the event that FEEL SCISSORS itself or any of its subdivisions or units goes through a business transition, such as a merger, divestiture, acquisition, liquidation or sale of all or a portion of its assets, your personal information will, in most instances, be part of the assets transferred; or (e) in limited circumstances, ensō may disclose your email address in order to comply with laws and regulations, including the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act. FEEL SCISSORS may occasionally share your personal information with trusted partners in certain registration/purchasing areas but we won’t do so without first giving you notice in each instance.

feelscissors japan    98-5 Doida-Cho Ehime-ken Japan 98-5    〒790-0056   

TEL:089-915-1809   FAX:089-915-1810    Mail :

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